BI, Reporting and Databases

Center of Excellence at In Time Tec
Database Management

InTimeTec, one of the leading business intelligence company can design and architect a solution based on a client’s specific needs and on a variety of infrastructure including dedicated physical hardware or a hosted private cloud at any of the customer’s data centers, or utilize and integrate with AWS or Azure public cloud resources.

1. Managed SQL and NoSQL Databases

InTimeTec’s DBA team assists the client’s database needs with their depth of knowledge in Microsoft products as well as NoSQL database. The team can also design and support deployments for its clients ensuring that the performance, scalability, security, and availability meets the enterprise level requirements.

2. Database Services

Storage Architecture

For databases to function properly, it is critical for the database management service providers to plan and deploy databases on a proper storage underpinning. Ensuring proper disk storage implementation allows the isolation of performance bottlenecks. The DBAs are responsible for separating the OS from the database disk layer, separating the database from the backup disks and isolating the I/O bottleneck areas to discrete disk storage that can be tuned for the required workloads. These tasks are performed on the SAN and the local storage

Software Installation & Configuration

Proper installation and configuration of essential software is critical for database functionality.
The DBAs install and configure the necessary software for a variety of databases.

Administration & Maintenance

To maintain an optimal database performance throughout the lifetime of client solutions, InTimeTec’s certified DBAs assist with data migration from development to quality assurance, and from quality assurance to production. The process performs and monitors database backups; applies database changes at client’s request; monitors and corrects health issues; and employs reporting and analysis services.

Capacity Planning

The DBAs apply their experience and training to help clients determine their potential storage needs. The database management service providers can work collaboratively with the clients to design and deploy the database infrastructure that can be scaled up with new demands (as opposed to a rebuild). They can also identify disk space shortages and recommend workarounds before they impact the normal operations, and assist with determining when RAM or CPU upgrades will benefit the overall DB workloads.

Security Management

The DBAs perform collective measures to protect and secure a database from illegitimate use and malicious threats and attacks that can help protect the integrity of the client databases and comply with the third-party security standards.

DB Clustering

The DBAs are proficient in designing high availability solutions using a variety of clusters

End-To-End Onboarding process

Migrating databases can be complex, time-consuming, and costly if not executed properly. InTimeTec DBAs analyze, capture/recreate the clients’ existing requirements (as a part of “go-live”), and facilitate the clients’ in-house database(s) migrations to hosted database(s) including AWS/ Azure, migrations to hybrid connected platforms and vendor-to-vendor migrations (e.g. Oracle to Microsoft SQL-Server).

Backup and Restoration

InTimeTec’s DBA team has the expertise to implement the database backup and restoration policies for the clients.

Reporting and BI

You have captured all the data but how are you going to benefit? We consider report writing as a critical element enabling organizations to decide how to use their precious resources in a better way. Having experience in reporting, business intelligence including Microsoft SQL Reporting service and Analysis services, InTimeTec’s BI team can design complex multi-dimensional reports or simple real-time reports that makes us one of the leading business intelligence company.

BI and analytics solutions are composed of technology and processes and people engaged in supporting or automating decision-making processes. As the amount and the types of data and content that organizations collect is exponentially increasing, the complexity of deploying and supporting BI and analytics solutions is increasing.
InTimeTec refers to the technology needed to support and automate these decision-making needs as business analytics technology. The business analytics technology portfolio, is composed of two broad categories:

Data warehouse platform : This include design, cleansing, transformation, loading, and administration, managing and processing data in the data warehouse.
BI tools and analytic applications: This is end user facing and include various horizontal and business process–specific tools and applications combining query, reporting, analysis, and data mining functionality