Imaging & Printing

Developments in information and printing technologies over the last twenty-five years have reinforced print’s position by making it more accessible, quicker, less expensive, and of more consistent quality. The ease at which files can be transferred around the globe also opens up new possibilities when it comes to printing. Digital printing is a widely available and cost-effective solution for the short run and personalized (variable data) printing.

In InTimeTec, we have experienced and been part of the evolution of imaging and printing technologies over the past decade. We have built Embedded Printing Software for various printer vendors.

The various solutions we worked have enhanced the user experience in all aspects of printing, and enabled them to do:

  • Secure Printing: Do not leave your documents unattended. Secure print workflow improves confidentiality, convenience, and information security. It also significantly reduces waste, reprints, and resource costs.
  • Print from Anywhere: It is possible to initiate printing anywhere: in the office or at home. Print jobs are encrypted and stored on the user PC/Server and as soon as it is connected to the corporate network, the user can authenticate on any corporate LAN printer to collect his/her printed pages.
  • Print On Demand: Print on Demand (P.O.D.) has enabled users to economically print based on the need.

Organizations and IT Admins were able to

  • Discover printers on the network using SNMP and organize them.
  • Monitor the print data and analyse the incurred cost.
  • Validate the health of printing environment and alert in case of any attention required by any specific device.