IT Consulting Services

Accelerate your IT infrastructure with a full IT consulting service provider:

We are a full-service software solutions provider that works with clients to maximize the effectiveness of their business through the adoption of digital technology.

Infrastructure Technology Consulting
In today’s technology-driven world, the demand for keeping up is not only a real challenge IT is facing, but the demand is also impacting business leaders across the enterprise. Changing consumer needs and the digital transformation of business demand innovative solutions driven by technology. In Time Tec’s IT expertise in software, cloud technologies, mobile apps, and IT Infrastructure allows you to reach your customers anytime, anywhere.

In Time Tec specializes in enterprise solution-based software development to bring your technology solutions to life. Our consultants offer the best IT consulting services in the industry, including Agile project execution, that provides working software in every two weeks. In Time Tec solutions are fully customizable based on the unique needs of any business.

Managed IT Services
Our offering combines IT consulting services, and hosted services & support, allowing you to outsource all that’s essential. Moreover, you can outsource time consuming tasks to our team of specialists who can free up time for you and your IT department to focus on projects that add value to your business.

Server Administration Services
We provide server administration services for all commonly available flavours of Linux, Unix and Windows. We have various level of plans, which can be customized according to your needs.

Quality Outsourced Web Hosting Support & Server Management

  • We follow the best security practices in the industry for uncompromising security of any data we work on.
  • We know that accurate diagnosis, and pinpointed solutions form the basis of high quality tech support.

InTimeTec offers reliable web hosting services. Owed to our in-depth understanding of website hosting requisites, we have been able to formulate truly scalable hosting solutions for businesses and individuals.

Network Support
Our managed IT services provide both wired and wireless services for secure and reliable connectivity between employees, customers, and information. We enable your campus, branch, data center, and wide-area networks to deliver critical business and communications applications.

Our Office 365 Services
We do a complete assessment and get a thorough understanding of your ongoing business processes. This helps us to ensure a smooth and compatible implementation and deployment of Office 365 solutions and related services such as Exchange Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

Infrastructure Consolidation
Simplified server management helps defeat data center sprawl and infrastructure under-utilization with logical design, detailed planning, and physical, virtual implementation and deployment.

Cloud Infrastructure and Solutions:
A solid foundation is a critical component to any building. Successfully deploying cloud capabilities and unlocking the business value of operating in cloud also requires a solid infrastructure foundation. This infrastructure allows you to build up your technology stack and deploy applications with ease, while benefiting from cost-savings, scalability, and the reliability of being in cloud.

ou will also improve speed-to-innovation with faster deployment and scaled application performance, which will free up engineering resources from the tedious task of infrastructure management. A low-cost cloud infrastructure releases budget from the things you have to do, freeing it up for the things that really drive transformation and innovation.

In Time Tec provides a full-service support options to assist clients at every phase of cloud journey.

Service supports are:
Cloud Strategy: What to migrate and when to achieve the greatest business value and reduce risks.
Architecture and Application Mapping: Linkage of existing business functionality to IaaS/PaaS components.
Total Cost of Ownership: Determine the total cost to transition to a cloud architecture as compared to current costs.
Proof of Concept: Proving out the business benefits of a migration to cloud.
Disaster Recovery: Protecting and insuring your business in a cost effective way.
Risk Assessment: Determining and addressing potential threats in an organization.
Migration Planning: Assignment of architecture components and applications to migration waves based on dependencies and business value.
Cloud Foundation: Billing Design, Network and System Design, Security Design, Identity and Access Management, and Monitoring Design.
Configuration and Deployment Automation: Using scalable DevOps cloud platforms.
Infrastructure Migration: Full migration of operations while maintaining business continuity, reducing risks, and reducing infrastructure costs.
Cost Review and Tuning: Once up and running, adjustment of components to optimize costs.
Data architecture Review: Confirmation that architecture is the best possible way to perform and enable growth.
Transition from IaaS to PaaS: Identify application migration options to take advantage of cloud native capabilities.


We help you to make the most of Azure cloud and its integrated services to drive your business ahead. By leveraging the experience drawn from several successful Azure Infrastructure deployments, we simplify the process of moving and thriving in cloud. Our cloud experts backed by automation frameworks, audited processes and industry best practices will help you maximize the benefits of Microsoft Azure. We build resilient Azure infrastructure to rapidly deploy or migrate your infrastructure to Microsoft Azure with minimal downtime and risk.

Build, Deploy, Maintain Apps
From our managed IT services, you can rapidly create and deploy web or mobile applications. With our platform expertise, we can easily build applications on cloud and integrate them with on premise systems using the APIs and built-in connectors Azure provides.

Manage Your Data
You can manage workloads better with Azure cloud database services, store different kinds of data and ensure it is protected against unexpected hardware failures through replication.

Automate, Backup, and Relax
Simplify your IT management by automating recurring and tedious tasks. Azure lets you take a backup of your data and restore them when needed. We will configure the workflow execution engine to automate such tasks in your Azure environment.

Ensure Application Availability
Azure platform ensures high availability of applications by distributing traffic among various instances. With load balancing and managed cache mechanisms provided, we will make sure your applications are always responsive to the end-users.

Deliver Content Faster
Enhance user engagement by improving media delivery. With Azure CDN, we can ensure speed and availability of your web content, making it readily available to the customers from the nearest servers.

As an expert, we help businesses of all sizes to build, migrate, and manage applications on the AWS platform. If you are looking for a seamless transition to the Amazon cloud, our team will help you to formulate a migration strategy that supports the nuances of your business.

Our AWS Expertise
1. AWS Migration Consultation | AWS Application Integration | AWS Automation.

2. Server Monitoring and Management | AWS-Based Database Administration.

3. Performance Optimization | Disaster Management | Backup and Storage

We help clients utilize AWS for:

1. Availability and Performance
When sub-second loading delays can cost you customers, you need a powerful infrastructure to avoid scalability issues. We can set up AWS Auto Scaling to dynamically add more compute and storage resources as demand increases and scale them down as traffic wanes. Elastic Load Balancing can be set up to automatically distribute the traffic and CloudFront, Amazon’s content delivery network, to serve content without latency.

2. Storage and Disaster Recovery
Let us sync your business-critical data to cloud with Amazon S3, Glacier, or Elastic Block Store and keep it safe from unintended loss. We can implement the traditional model of periodically backing up the system or a “pilot light” approach, where a minimal version of the environment runs as a warm standby or a multi-site model with duplicated environments that enable automatic failover or a combination of these approaches.

3. DevOps
Using AWS and DevOps practices, we can help you to build products/applications at greater speed. We will configure a continuous delivery pipeline and automate provisioning and deployment to enable rapid delivery. You can have an immutable infrastructure with no downtime.

4. Scalable Infrastructure
AWS lets you have highly scalable and secure solutions, such as those needed for online retailing. We can set up your infrastructure to grow and shrink with fluctuations in website traffic. With Auto Scaling, CloudFront, and other AWS services configured, your system will remain stable even during traffic spikes.

5. Serverless Computing
Build rich, personalized experiences using AWS Lambda. We can write code to execute in response to triggers from other AWS services or API requests using the AWS Serverless Application Model. Combining Lambda with other AWS services, we can build powerful web applications, IoT backends, or real-time data processing systems.

6. Cloud Security
Security is a concern when moving infrastructure or data out of local premises. We help clients leverage AWS cloud security solutions to secure applications on the cloud platform. Security can be established with various combinations of AWS services such as EC2 Security Groups and EBS encryption.

7. Container Orchestration
In large dynamic environments, orchestration tools make it easier to manage the life cycles of containers and move them in response to auto-scaling events or deployment updates. We can run micro services applications with continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipelines using Elastic Container Service or Elastic Kubernetes Service.

8. Server Orchestration
With distributed applications increasing in scale, provisioning all the infrastructure resources can become complex. We help you to codify your infrastructure and automate provisioning of all the resources needed for your application across different regions and multiple accounts.