Mobile Application Development

In this advancing world of technology, mobile applications have become a rapidly growing segment of the global market. It is evolving to provide a faster and richer user experience.

Engineering talent at In Time Tec has extensive experience in the area of mobile app development for both Native as well as Hybrid environments working under a structured development process. We understand customer requirements and have developed applications across different platforms and technologies, delivering an enhanced customer experience with high quality product and on-time delivery.

A high-level summary of the expertise is listed below:

  1. Native App Development Platform:
    1. iOS / Programming Language: Objective C
    2. Android / Programming Language: Java Native app implementation is developed using the latest programming languages and interfaces exposed by specific operating systems of the mobile devices – Android or iOS. Building applications with native implementation is advantageous because it is more compatible with the device, and it can take full advantage of the features a device has to offer. Native implementations are specific to a particular operating system and need to be written for use in other environments.
  2. Hybrid App Development Platform:
    1. iOS, Android
    2. Programming Language: Javascript, HTML, CSS
    3. Frameworks: Cordova, React Native, Angular JS Hybrid app implementation is a mix of native implementation and web application. The application is written using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript and packaged in a native wrapper which can be easily deployed on a mobile device. The native wrapper has integrated libraries which allow access to the native API of an operating system, which is exposed to the JavaScript to be utilized by the Hybrid application. Being developed in generic web technologies, the code can be reused on different operating systems by only changing the native wrapper. The Hybrid app also gives the advantage to write additional plugins to expose device features which are not available in the wrapper allowing for further customization.