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Salesforce began with a ‘No Software’ mantra, with a vision of creating a platform as a service, which assisted in its successful evolution into the biggest player in cloud based CRM.

1. Key Features

Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service all in one convenient place.

With Sales, Marketing, and Service cloud, companies get all the customer data in one place, which help teams to understand customer needs/concerns to provide a quick response. This process also empowers a company to run analytics and get precise predictions concerning their customers.


“Develop once – use it anywhere” is fitting for Salesforce1 takes care of changing UI for different devices, which helps development move faster. And now with lightning components, Salesforce development companies can develop apps with visual effects, providing user friendly data to non-techie marketing folks.

App Exchange

A major benefit with is its high range of apps on app exchange. It is possible to have all the necessary business logic in place without writing a single line of code.

Social Media Integration

With social media integration, companies get live data about their customers, (what they think and what they are looking for) to help their eCommerce platform to provide a customized experience to their customers.

Changesets, Unit Tests & Governor Limits

Deployment to production is similar to moving metadata to any other sandbox, which makes life simpler for DevOps teams. Also, having restriction on code coverage and governor limits enforces developers to write quality code. This means a lead’s review work is taken care of by Salesforce limits.

2. Portfolio

Customer: Market Leader in Wireless Routers – Customizing Salesforce Communities

In Time Tec, a Salesforce development company in India, took on a project to utilize Salesforce Customer Community Cloud and provided it to a company’s customers, partners, and employees. Our custom implementation reduced the total cost of the client’s Salesforce license because they no longer needed a Partner Community Cloud license (and instead achieved functionality with Customer Community Cloud). The UI for the portal was designed to match the company’s eCommerce platform site. We have also integrated with different 3rd party applications (including an LMS systemand customized client applications) and wrote test cases for Salesforce communities, using Selenium with Java and API, as well as business implementation for UI functionality.

Customer: Market Leader in Artificial Christmas Trees – Customizing Salesforce Service Cloud

Being a Salesforce development company in India, we automated business requirements to sync multiple system needs together to provide a seamless experience by automating warranty, discount, and return processes to integrate with Hybris through 3rd-party APIs. Communication between multiple systems allowed customer service agents to get live data that provided eligible options to their customers. We have also integrated with different 3rd party applications such as FedEx and UPS services to support return. After these implementations went live, customer service efficiency and customer satisfaction changed drastically for the better.