Software Development

Fluent layout, responsive design, usability, reliability, performance, scalability, testability, and higher level of security are few of the characteristics required for any modern web application. The web has evolved significantly over the years and today users not only need working solutions, but also expect a seamless user experience. Quality Web Development involves writing code for application servers, and applying sound knowledge of the container where the code is deployed.

Engineering talent at In Time Tec has extensive experience with web development in Process Automation, Asset Management Software, E-commerce Web Portals, Centralized Administration Software and Web API development. We have developed software for our customers across different technology stacks and vertical domains.

High Level Summary

  1. Working Automation Platform:
    1. Front-end: HTML, CSS (ASP.NET Web Form and MVC)
    2. Server: IIS
    3. Programming Language: C#

    In Time Tec automated a complete workflow of customer processes. Existing processes were manual and altogether too time consuming and wasteful. By automating manual processes, In Time Tec helped the customer streamline workflows, centralize data, and reduce their environmental footprint.

  2. Secure Printing Central Administration Software Platform:
    1. Front-end : HTML, CSS (ASP.NET WebForm)
    2. Server: IIS
    3. Programming Language: C#

    We created and maintained new features on central administrative console for secure printing software. This administrative portal is used for installation, configuration, and maintenance of networked printing devices licensing. One administrative console manages the organization’s global fleet.

  3. E-Commerce Portal Platform:
    1. Back-end : C# based REST APIs
    2. Front-end : Angular JS
    3. Programming Language: C#

    We created a portal where articles can be customized with accessories using a configuration that can be exported. These exported configuration documents will be consumed by another software at the client end.

  4. Customized Application Platform:
    1. Front-end: AngularJS
    2. Back-end: Java
    3. Programming Language: Java
    4. Cloud Services: Azure

    In Time Tec developed a customized web application for one of the largest airplane parts suppliers. This helps manage the aircraft parts and its retain chain management.

  5. Network Carrier Analysis and Reporting Tool Platform:
    1. Front-end : HTML5, jQuery
    2. Back-end : Laravel (MVC)
    3. DB: MySQL
    4. Programming Language: PHP, Python

    A survey tool developed in Python, examines a particular location to determine the best available carrier in the area, inserting the data in the routers attached to the Survey Kit. This data is used to determine the best network in the area. Detailed reporting of the survey data is available through a responsive web portal.

  6. Recruitment Software Platform:
    1. Front-end: HTML5, jQuery
    2. Back-end: Laravel (MVC)
    3. DB: MySQL
    4. Programming Language: PHP

    A multi-tenant web based product developed to help the In Time Tec HR team in managing the recruitment process from start to finish. This software provides HR with a repository of resumes and helps manage profile screening, interview scheduling, and evaluation.

  7. Product Listing and Web Portal Platform:
    1. Front-end: HTML, CSS, Thymeleaf
    2. Back-end: Spring, Hibernate
    3. DB: MS SQL Server
    4. Programming Language: Java
    5. Server: IISIn

    In Time Tec developed a multi-lingual web portal for its client which was deployed on six different domains. Client has the product listing and recipes over the web portal. Deployment was done on IIS and was automated.

Software Platforms

Solutions: Many companies have a central platform they run, rely on, and need development work for. Our teams are certified on many well-known platforms (such as Liferay, Salesforce, and Unity). Partner with us to strengthen, supplement, or start development on your software platform to ensure it’s exactly what you, and your customers need.

Liferay Silver Partners

Enterprise workflow solutions continue to grow more complicated and time consuming for us all. Liferay DXP aims to unify customer experiences, transform business operations, and evolve digital strategies by building a highly cohesive, java-based portal and reusable portlet solution. Liferay is gaining momentum in the marketplace; they’ve moved into the gartner quadrant in 2017 and have been praised by customers for their flexibility and ambitions to become the single hub for digital experience development. In Time Tec, recognizing this growth, has joined Liferay as a silver partner. We look forward to helping companies adopt and build their Liferay portals to embrace a modern, custom user experience.


Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM, providing a customizable, scalable, cloud-based solution to reach customers effectively and streamline internal business processes. As the ecosystem continues to evolve, an increasing number of companies adopt and integrate Salesforce in their environments. As these numbers increase, so will the development, administration, and consultation needs in general. We have a strong, scaleable Salesforce development team that can meet your needs. Whether you need one developer or fifteen, our team is equipped with the certifications that will help our partners accomplish their Salesforce deliverables.

AR/VR Unity Certification

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) have already begun to change the makeup of the modern technological landscape in many different industries – entertainment, marketing, manufacturing, medical training, and more. At In Time Tec, we’ve always been enthusiastic about the potential of this new technology, which is why we have acquired Unity developer certification. Unity is a cross-platform 3D game engine that offers a powerful development environment with a simple interface and provides support for Virtual Reality applications. We can help our partners build AR/VR experiences that are tailored for their industry-specific requirements on different devices like Samsung Gear VR and Microsoft Hololens.